Helicoidal conical toothing

The helicoidal conical toothing allows the transmission of continuous rotary motion between perpendicular or divergent axes. The difference between the conical and the cylindrical wheels is represented by the teeth which, in the cylindrical wheels, have a constant section, while in the conical wheels the dimensions of these teeth decrease continuously towards the smallest part of the wheel. In general the axis of the pinion and the crown are on the same plane. DEMM also produces conical pairs of IPOIDS where the axes of the pinion and the crown are not on the same plane, increasing the covering and the silent operation. DEMM performs toothing with the GLEASON system.
DEMM is equipped with gear cutters for conical helical teeth, for pinions and crowns.

technical details

Max Diameter: 600 mm
Max Module: 12 mm